Domestic Violence: 24 hour crisis hotline 1-800-725-8177 or 765-868-3154.

Advocates trained in crisis intervention are available 24/7 for crisis intervention.

45 day Crisis Shelter -Shelter Care is offered for 45 days to those who are seeking safety from violence. The Shelter is only a crisis intervention program, not a long-term program

Transitional Housing Program Domestic Violence Program has several scatter-site apartments that provide housing for victims for up to twelve months while they are transitioning out of shelter care.
Weekly support groups
All shelter residents are required to attend support groups on Tues & Thurs at 10a. Support groups are open to all who experience domestic violence even if they are not currently a resident.

Joy in the Harvest:

In Lowell Wertz’s words: “Joy has four focus areas in Kigoma, Tanzania, Africa:  Church planting & evangelism, compassion ministries, vocational training, and using technology for Kingdom work. We have seen wonderful things happening through the work of Joy in the Harvest.  Our approach has been to undertake that which we feel the Lord is leading us to do. Physically, through our Friday People program, Destitute Camp, Feeding Center, and medical clinics, many thousands have been helped.  Spiritually, our motto is “so they may know Jesus“.  Everything we do is centered around this purpose.  All our programs provide witness to Christ.  Radio JOY, our newest project, is on 24/7 with clear Gospel messages.  I would guess that our spiritual impact would also extend to thousands, we do not attempt to “count souls won” or anything like that.  Years ago we did a year long “bush” evangelism with the Jesus Movie and recorded 147,000 decisions for Christ.  But we stopped counting ever since.”  If you want to know more- explore:  www.joyintheharvest.com.  [Carol Campbell, Patty Cohee, and John and Cindi Myers could talk and show you our pictures for hours…just ask about all the good work that they do!]

Your Missions Team meets once a month.  Our hope is that you will take the following ministries’/missions’ names, and info and you will place it in a prominent place in your home, or Bible, and pray for each of them.  [FYI, Your Missions Team consists of:  Carol Campbell, Sherri Mosier, Glenda Fearnow, Nancy Rushton, and Co-Chairs: Patty Cohee, and Cindi Myers.]
Bashor Home
When we give to them, we are helping hundreds of abused, neglected and troubled children and their families.  Annually we give gifts at Christmas and Easter to one ‘house’ in particular, that we have declared as ours.  We also pray weekly for Bashor and their prayer concerns and praises in our e-mail prayer chain.


CMA-[Christian Motorcyclists Association] 
If you really want to know about CMA, ask Tim & Rebecca Shultz, Bruce & Nora Keller, Steve & Nancy Rushton, and Chris & Georgia Everett. This group of Christian Motorcyclists do such good things as raise money for the Jesus Film, motor bikes for ministers in developing nations, and do such local events as having a table for the Vietnam Vets weekend, providing popcorn, a cup of coffee, prayer…THE GOOD NEWS.  They have a prison ministry, and so much more!
C.A.M. and Rev. Ruth Lawson:
How do you GET a job without a phone or an address?  CAM does so much for the homeless in Howard County!  A day center, a place to warm up, a cup of coffee, a place to use as an address, a Community Service provider.


Family Services Association-Domestic Violence Shelter
As we know, the violence in our families lives are increasing.  We support the local Association of Howard County.


Gilead House and Reba Harris
We heard Reba speak at our Faith Promise Sunday in April.  Reba remains passionate about reaching those that come out after incarceration, and helping them get back on their feet.  They are desperate for mentors who will come along side their participants.  
Gongwer, Dr. Cameron, Anne, and Caylor
Cam is currently in South Bend with his family and is very involved in The Mission Society.  He is active in leading medical teams into Ghana, and training.  Anne and Caylor have had serious medical issues, and they would covet our prayers for them.  We have supported Cam and Anne since the very first day of their mission work.
Greg & Shannon HammondWDA/Worldwide Discipleship Association is a campus ministry at DePauw University.  They gather new students and disciple them, have Bible studies, ministry training, personal discipleship, learning to Share the Good News, use their newfound skills to minister to others through Up-Ward Basketball, and much more!
Henderson Settlement/Red Bird Mission/Kentucky is one of three missionary conferences in the USA where the UMC serves in an area where local resources cannot meet the needs; therefore mission support form the whole Church is necessary.  We have had several mission teams over the years supporting this ministry.  
ILI, and Wes and Joy Griffin:
{ILI stands for International Leadership Institute.}  Wes and Joy use technology and innovative ways to help people in their own countries spread the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ through the world.  Just in 9/29/16 they wrote to tell us of a leadership training that they did in Georgia, formerly part of the Soviet Union.  That team of pastors and missionaries are ready to spread The Word to this small nation as well as the surrounding nations of Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan!  Pray that it is so! 
Light in Darkness Ministry and Dr. Carolyn Knight:
Let’s look at the long view of the work that Carolyn initiated here in Kokomo back in May of 2012.  Could it possibly be by the presence of faithful ‘church ladies’ to go into the dark places of the strip clubs at Kokomo, that today there is only 3 strip clubs, where there used to be 6?  This is a spiritual battle, and the sex industry is alive and well here in Kokomo, but LiD is making a dent!  Thanks for your continued prayer support!
KUO/Pastor Jeff Newton:
As of January 2016, there has been shift of emphasis.  The books: WHEN HELPING HURTS, [which we have in our church library] and TOXIC CHARITY have influenced the changes.  As Jeff writes in his newsletter:  “Instead of helping people get through poverty we are working hard at pulling people OUT of poverty!”  The one constant is the Food pantry, but even that has a different twist.  Now, when people come in they must talk about what is at least one thing they can ‘share’ or teach to someone else?  We all have gifts God has given us.  Please join the Missions Team in praying for a deeper growing relationship with those in the community, and how to best help them out of the pits of poverty!
Kokomo Rescue Mission and executive director: Van Taylor
KRM does a good work in feeding the hungry, and reaching out to the homeless, and delivering the GOOD NEWS of Jesus!  They have long term programs where participants graduate and are able to move on, and their lives are changed.


Assistance Fund
Sometimes people knock on our door needing help.  This fund helps us do just that…
Youth Missions
When our youth have a planned mission activity, we assist in helping to cover some of the costs.

Ken Vance of Zambia is currently in the states.  Ken will be speaking at his supporting churches.  He is doing many things to represent Jesus.  He is a part of the Kafakumba Pastor Training Center, where pastors get education in being the best pastor they can be in their remote villages.  The Training Center also has sustaining talapia farm, bee farm, wood working, this training helps the Africans learn a skill/trade that they can use for their families and community building.  

Wertz, Lowell and Claudia and JOY IN THE HARVEST!

  Joy in the Harvest does such a great work!  Just ask Carol Campbell, Patty Cohee, and/or John and Cindi Myers!  They would love to share what they experienced while at ‘the ends of the earth’!  They have a radio station:  Radio JOY up and running!  The extensive hoops they had to go through with the Tanzanian Government, and in the timely manner that it was accomplished was in itself a miracle!  Now, Muslims are hearing the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST in the privacy of their homes, and are coming to faith in Christ!  But they need our help financially!  This has been a huge drain on all the other ministries:  Feeding the homeless, Computer school, ‘The Friday’ people, the Destitute Camp, the Soccer tournament where AIDS education is given before the Games Begin!  It goes on and on!  An easy way you can contribute.  Do you ever buy from Amazon?  Go to Amazon Smile, which is Amazon, but with a twist…they will give .1 to .5% of your purchase to your charity of choice.  JOY IN THE HARVEST IS ONE OF THOSE CHOICES!  It is easy to submit your selection the first time, and from then on it will automatically be applied!  Please consider this!  Do your Christmas Shopping on line to Amazon Smile!
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